How to Boost Your Value to Achieve the Career You Desire

Wednesday, September 20, 2017
8:00 am – 9:30 am



Session Information

To achieve the career you desire, your employer and clients must recognize all that you can contribute. This session provides insight, techniques and tools for boosting your value and maximizing all that you have to offer so that you can achieve your career goals. Often times, we know we can offer more and earn more, but we don’t have the right plan to put into action or we can’t communicate our talents well enough to be fully utilized. Before you can demonstrate your value to anyone else, you must first understand your strengths and have a clear plan for action.


Attendees will explore the following areas in this interactive session:

Strengths, Grit, Strategies, Values & Courage: Your tools for success.
How to operate at a strategic level to grow your career.
5 Tactics for boosting your value to your company, customers and the community.
Communication skills that will help you achieve results.

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